Pagham Ponies Rescue
Providing sanctuary and support to badly treated horses
Pagham Ponies is a horse and pony sanctuary based in Pagham, West Sussex.
We are raising money to supply greater security and support to these rescued horses and ponies.
The sanctuary currently cares for eleven rescued horses and ponies. We raise money through donations and fund-raising at local events.

Any money raised will go directly on the animals; on food, sanctuary, veterinary, dentistry and farrier bills.

Look out for our fund-raising events happening locally. You may see our collection boxes in local pet stores; please give what you can afford, every penny will go towards  supporting our horses, ponies
and shetlands.

Pagham Ponies meets all the needs of the horses here at present giving them a natural life in a loving environment.
Su & Gretchen
Helping with fund-raising
Helping with fund raising 
Tending to the horses and helping Nigel over last 5 years.
Feeds and tends to the horses all day and every day. Nigel is the founder of Pagham Ponies.