Pagham Ponies Rescue
Providing sanctuary and support to badly treated horses
Pagham Ponies is a horse and pony sanctuary based in Pagham, West Sussex.
We are raising money to supply greater security and support to these rescued horses and ponies.

Our Horses, Ponies and Shetlands

Life has improved for all these horses and ponies since Nigel started caring for them
  1. Storm
    Storm came from Kent. He is prone to Laminitis and has to have constant care to manage this condition which affects his feet. He also had C.O.P.D as a youngster and now has the heaves (horse asthma) so needs a regular inhaler. Even with these issues he gallops around the field and loves his freedom.
  1. Charlie (Charlotte)
    Charlie (Charlotte)
    Charlie was left at the Rescue about 4 yrs ago, she is about 30 years old. She arrived in the dark, so she was put in a stable. When we looked at her in the morning she had an infection in her neck and her rump was hairless and bleeding where she had been rubbing. The vet came to visit and she had to have antibiotics. She had chronic sweet itch and no one had bothered to help her. After a lot of TLC and cream she now has her mane and rump hair back and doesn't rub so much.