Pagham Ponies Rescue
Providing sanctuary, support and special care
to rescued horses​ and ponies.
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Our Horses, Ponies and Shetlands

Ebony is the gentle giant of the sanctuary.

She was found abandoned without food or water, emaciated and close to giving up.

Brought in by the RSPCA in 2006, Nigel adopted her and nursed her back to health.

Jo Jo was in a barn with several others
(Badger included) he had been taken from his mum and not weaned correctly.
He was the weakest and was just about give up.

Nigel literally carried him onto the yard and spent time getting him strong enough to go into the paddock where Ebony adopted him and still mothers him, even now.

He is a favourite with most who meet him and if there's any mischief going on he's usually the culprit!

Storm is an old boy from Kent.

In 2016 he was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome which causes hypertrichosis (long curly hair) delayed haircoat shedding and Laminitis, which requires constant care to manage his feet.

He also had C.O.P.D as a youngster and now has the heaves (horse asthma) so needs a regular inhaler.

Even with these issues he gallops around the field and loves his freedom.

​​Badger came from the same place as Joe Jo.

He was a little stronger and could cope better but he still needed lots of TLC and attention. He is part Cobb and part Shetland.

He is now a tough little man despite his start in life.

Red spent many years locked in a stable with no interaction with other horses.

He arrived with Nigel, wild and agoraphobic.

It took months of TLC to gain his trust and he is still nervous of many of things, but he has shown great improvements.

He is a beautiful boy.
He has simply been badly treated by humans.

Alfie was rescued just a few months after Jojo
and Badger.

He was separated from his mum at auction
and due for slaughter.

A friend took him in but someone kept letting him out of his enclosure and he was found on the main road (twice).

Nigel took him in so that we could keep him safe.

Tom Tom, Chocolat and Tony arrived at the sanctuary together.

They became unwanted novalty pets after being inherited from a previous owner.

Tom is a coloured stallion. Fiesty but friendly.
He thinks he is 18 hands not 8! 

Chocolat was pregnant when she came to the rescue, but we didn't know.

She started to give birth one evening but the vet couldn't get to her in time and she lost her foal.

Nigel sat with her all night to comfort her and ease her trauma.

She is an adorable little pony and loves everyone.

Tony was born with short tendons in his front legs, this means he walks on the fronts of his hooves.
We were advised by a vet (not ours) and a farrier to have him put down, but we admitted him to the horse hospital.

X-rays showed that the inside of his feet were fine and so his heels are trimmed carefully in order to angle his feet forward.
So far it is working and he now walks on his soles.
There are still improvements to be made but we're getting there.

Nigel heard that Silas was going to be shot, he was considered dangerous and had started biting and kicking.
He was only 9 years old when he was rescued in 2016. Nigel contacted the owner and went to see him. Silas was very thin.

When Nigel got him to the rescue he discovered that he had a nail through his foot causing him pain and the biting wasn't aggression but he was just asking for help. As soon as the shoes came off, his behavior changed.
He is an amazing little pony and basically does all he's asked.

Barney joined the sanctuary in 2017 after losing his life long horse partner, he was showing signs of depression and would often stand in a corner with his back to everyone around him.

Within a few weeks it became apparent that he was also suffering some joint pain.

After some care and medication he has now settled at the sanctuary and is now showing his true cheeky character.

His new best friend is now Tom 

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