Pagham Ponies Rescue
Providing sanctuary, support and special care
to rescued horses​ and ponies.

Pagham Ponies is a horse and pony sanctuary based in Pagham, West Sussex,
​which has been run by Nigel Mundy for over 12 years.

Nigel is a man with a huge heart who has been 'gathering' injured and potentially dying horses and giving them a new lease of life.  He has taken in horses with health and behavioural problems and given them the TLC that they need and deserve. However, he is now struggling to self-fund his rescue centre as he now has 12 horses and ponies.  The financial cost of keeping these wonderful animals has obviously escalated over the years and it would be wonderful for Nigel to receive help with the financial costs of caring for these deserving animals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and if you can donate that would be AMAZING. If you can help with providing materials for new field shelters or stabling that would be magnificent also.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, so get in contact if you can help


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Pagham Ponies meets all the needs of the horses here at present giving them a natural life in a loving environment.
The sanctuary currently cares for twelve rescued horses and ponies. We raise money through donations
and fund-raising at local events. Any money raised goes directly on the animals; on food, sanctuary, veterinary,
dentistry and farrier bills. Look out for our fund-raising events happening locally. 
You will also see our
​collection boxes in  pet stores and other local businesses who are kindly supporting us.

Our horses, ponies and shetlands